Manholes, Pits & Lids

Hudson Civil Products have a range of off-the-shelf pits and manholes available to suit your project needs. We also make standard surrounds/lid slabs, grated surrounds, v-grates and complete lintel units for all Council Authorities in Tasmania, as well as the complete range of DSG (Department of State Growth) precast products, based around the current use of DIER standard drawings.

These links show many of our typical pits, manholes and surrounds which may be of use, although we have many more available if you have a particular need.


Hudson Civil Products manufacture manholes and surrounds to suit various stormwater and sewer applications across Tasmania, and have been used historically by our Tasmanian Authorities for many years as standard Tasmanian products.

Custom larger manholes (DN1500, DN1800, DN2400, DN3000, DN4000, and larger) are also available. We are suppliers of access covers, various mastics and sealing products, as well as accessories such as gatic-style lifters and various tools.

Custom Pits & Shafts

Custom pits are also available, with HCP capable of providing many options outside the scope of normal precast range – pits up to 30T for sewerage inlet works, custom stormwater shafts with pipe blockouts and pipe stubs are all possible using our uniquely skilled workforce.

Hudson Civil Products also supply a range tank shafts which are suitable to major pits and are very cost effective. As shafts, these range in size from 1800mm internal diameter up to 4000mm (and even larger on special projects).

Access Covers Used By HCP

Access Covers are provided by reputable manufacturers to the new Australian Standard, AS3996-2019, in ductile, composites and other materials in various load classes, sizes and configurations. Hudson Civil Products work to find standard and customized solutions that suit your access cover needs – – be they solid top, concrete infill or grated.