Geotextiles & Geogrid Products

Hudson Civil supplies a full range of Geotextiles for every application, in stock and at the right price.

HCP have all your civil and construction needs for geosynthetics covered – all DSG and Council specification products and more are covered through our relationship with manufacturing suppliers including POLYFABRICS AUSTRALIA

SGS provide professional engineering staff with many years of engineering and industry experience who along with Hudson Civil can offer you the best advice, across the wide range of geosynthetics applications, including:

  • Geotextiles (non-woven and woven)
  • Geogrids and geotextile reinforcing products
  • Separation layers, silt fence & drainage products including strip and wall drainage
  • Asphalt reinforcing & bitumen tape
  • Gabions & reno mattresses
  • Erosion control products including jute mesh, jute mat & 3-D geogrid products
  • Liners including HDPE & specialist CANAL geocomposite products