Pump Stations & Shafts

Hudson Civil Products are the premier supplier of pump station components to the Water and Wastewater Industry in Tasmania – with the majority of TasWater and private pumping stations a HUDSON CIVIL option.

100% Tasmanian owned and operated, we have the product, staff and experience to provided fully integrated services to our clients across the industry – our experience helps in negotiating the TasWater requirements to help you work through complex projects requirements to get the job done.

This capability, combined with our project partners means Hudson Civil Products are able to supply your needs for both project and maintenance works.

Hudson Civil Products is the supplier of choice for Tasmanian enterprises and authorities seeking pumping stations can be provided with a free design service – we can also assist with any concept/development aspects.

Pump Station Components & Accessories

Hudson Civil Products supply all the key components for your pumping station needs, including those specified by water authorities across Tasmania.

  • Fabricated Steel, Aluminium and Stainless PS components – grates, access covers, safety grids, davit arms, vent poles and gantries are all provided by HCP through our partnership with HB Engineering.
  • Assistance to work through protective coatings, benching, and ancillary products/services also available.
  • Fittings, Pipework and Accessories to meet TasWater and other authority specifications
  • Design & certification services available, as well as shop drawing and design/installation support

Precast Concrete Water Tanks

Hudson Civil Products supply precast concrete water tanks with 22,000L capacity these come pre-plumbed with some standard fittings installed, and are complete concrete shafts with an integral base and a lid slab on top (inc access hatch and i.o./strainer void). A premium product that is fire and vandal resistant, water is said to taste cooler and cleaner from a concrete structure.

Site preparation and special crane handling is required usually to install these tanks, please contact us to discuss your needs, site and the requirements for delivery and access.