Bridges & Structures

Hudson Civil is a leader in Tasmania for designing, manufacturing, constructing and installing, precast bridges and structures for various applications.

Road & Rail Bridges

Over more than 20 years Hudson Civil have been involved with assisting Councils, Contractors, Forestry and Private businesses with options for bridge construction, rehabilitation or replacement.

In this time we have built more than 60 bridges or structures for a multitude of clients, from simple single span deck replacements, right through to multi-span structures, piers, abutments and prestressed beams to 22m.

Please contact us to discuss your bridge needs – each bridge is custom-designed to suit the client’s site, budget and construction needs.

Pedestrian and Irrigator Bridges

Hudson Civil Products have significant small bridge capability, including for a range of footbridges, elevated walkways and pedestrian crossings with various options on materials, handrails, spans, abutments, piers, installation methods to suit all sorts of site and project specific arrangements.

We manufacture and supply here in Tasmania various options ranging from concrete slab deck structures, multi-span structures with footings/piers/abutment blocks associated, aluminium truss style bridges and gangways, and custom remote site solutions.

Box Culverts & Big Pipes for Bridge Replacement

Hudson Civil often work with clients on suitable projects to provide box culverts with precast base slabs and often wing walls, or big pipes, as a viable alternative to a full bridge structure, usually with options for significant savings on the right sites.

In many cases simple box culvert or pipe structures can be easier to install and cheaper than a bridge structure, and can have fewer geotech issues on some sites, often reducing the need for piling and expensive below ground or in-situ works.

Multi-cell box culvert or pipe structures can also be used where customers require longer spans, particularly in flood plain situations.
Many Councils and authorities have used a Hudson Civil box culvert or pipe solution effectively in such circumstances – please contact us to find out how your company or authority could benefit from our experience.

HCP Box Culverts