Retaining Wall Products

Hudson Civil are the earth retaining structure specialists, with a range of products to suit any application.


The MassBloc® system is taking Tasmania by storm, with councils, industry and government authorities realising the benefits of this simple and effective system for creating retaining walls, landslip stabilisation, sea walls, bridge abutments and wing walls, earth retention and more.

Hudson Civil Products have extensive experience with the system, and have worked with leading Tasmanian contractors who have made the switch to MassBloc® for many of their retaining wall and earth retention projects. The system is remarkably simple to install and Hudson Civil Products staff can assist you with any project aspects from preliminary planning and costing to detailed design and installation.

Product Features & Benefits

  • ‘INSTANT’ Wall System – Quick to Install: Two experienced workers can place up to 70 blocks per day. MassBloc® is a modular system with low labour requirement.
  • Dry Stacked, Mortarless construction: The blocks are interlocked by a nib precast into the base of each standard unit. Being dry-stacked, the system can tolerate some movement and settlement.
  • Permeable Retaining Wall System: Blocks are permeable and can be supplemented by agricultural pipe in effectively minimizing hydrostatic pressure.
  • Manufacturing Flexibility: Blocks can be manufactured with varying height and width. Tapered block sides easily adapt to curved walls.
  • Design: All MassBloc® walls must be built in accordance with site specific design, prepared by a registered engineer. Hudson Civil Products can assist to provide a design service as part the MassBloc® package, if required.


HCP set about designing the best system we could. The new “Rock Block” wall system is quite simply the most cost effective, most site friendly, with the fastest installation currently on offer in the world. The whole system has been designed in house. Moulds are manufactured here and all the intellectual property remains in Tasmania.


LOCK BLOCKS are a simple and effective big block solution for any retaining or bulk storage application – modular and easily to handle, these blocks provide a vertical, off form concrete face for any wall temporary or permanent.