Stormwater Products

Hudson Civil supplies products for every stormwater application, custom and standard, to local specifications, and at the right price. Hudson Civil Products is the one-stop-stormwater shop.

We have a range of stormwater products including pipe and pits, grating and access covers, treatment, detention, erosion control, at-source and various other general stormwater infrastructure products such as pits, pipes, grates, lids and box culverts.

Concrete Pipe

Hudson Civil Products is the Tasmanian manufacturer of Steel Reinforced Concrete Pipe (SRCP), at their advanced manufacturing facility using the Vertical Dry Cast Method, one of the most advanced concrete pipe manufacturing processes available for making high quality, durable and long-lasting pipe.  Support your local manufacturer using local Tasmanian materials, labour and resources!

Concrete Pipe

Pits, Manholes and Lintels (Complete SEP components)

HCP manufacture a wide range of drainage components to suit local Councils, DSG & VicRoads products, standard pit, grate, lid, and manhole ranges as well as a range of project and location specific products for stormwater systems, including surface and underground drainage.

Manholes, Pits & Lids

BlackMax SW pipe

Hudson Civil is the leading supplier of BlackMax Dual-wall PP SW pipe in Tasmania, an IPLEX Pipelines product with many installation and handling benefits for some stormwater applications.


Surface Drainage – ORCA Polymer Concrete

ORCA Drain is our flagship range of world class, Australian made polymer concrete surface drainage pits and channels.

A trench drain (also can be called channel drain, line drain, slot drain, linear drain or strip drain) is a specific type of drain containing a dominant trough or channel-shaped body. It is used for the rapid evacuation of surface water or for the containment of utility lines or chemical spills.

Orca offer an extensive range of polymer concrete trench drain products along with a wild range of grating finishes including stainless and galvanised heelsafe grating, heavy duty ductile grating to suit all your applications. Orca drain are made of polymer concrete which is a combination between concrete and resin. Its unique property makes it the perfect material for trench drain.

Hudson Civil Products is the exclusive supplier of ORCA drain products in Tasmania. Contact us for all your surface drainage needs.

Stormwater Detention Systems

Councils are increasingly requiring new developments to provide detention storage for site stormwater to ensure flows are appropriately managed without unduly impacting on existing assets downstream, many of which were built some time ago and to lower levels of service in some cases – increasing urban density is contributing also.

Detention storage can be provided in many ways, please contact us for a full range of solutions we may be able to offer, however two popular options for large scale and smaller scale detention needs respectively are the HCP UNIVAULT System, and the very popular small 1 and 2 KL detention tank options for small and modular style developments.

Stormwater Treatment

HCP have a range of locally manufactured sump pits, triple interceptors (silt, sediment and oil trap), pit trap baskets, and full-service GPT solutions available as part of treatment options for SW for Councils and private industry.

Hudson Civil also have the expertise to assist with a range of GPT technologies to allow you to design the most appropriate solution for your GPT installation – considering not just capital cost but also the cost and ease of future maintenance – something others gloss over but is vitally important in the future operation of any GPT system.

ROCLA  – Water Quality Range of Products

Silt Management and Erosion Control

Authorities are increasingly seeking to ensure construction works.

POLYFABRICS range including turf reinforcement products provide excellent options –

Information from NRM TAS on Silt Management –