Box Culverts & Uni-Culverts

Hudson Civil are market leaders in Tasmania for constructing precast concrete box culverts, base slabs/lid slabs and accessories such as wing and retaining walls as well as multi-cell units with link slabs and functional wing walls and erosion protection.

The introduction of the new high-end Rubber Ring Joint UNI-CULVERT system to Tasmania by Hudson Civil Products is an exciting development for industry, bringing extremely high quality and functional Uni-Culvert structures for a range of construction applications – bridge and stock underpass structures, drainage structures (with installation and backfill/compaction benefits over large bore pipes), pits and pumpstations, precast buildings, and more.  The proprietary rubber ring joint system from Europe is unparalleled, as is the quality and tolerances from the HCP UNI-CULVERT system.

HCP manufacture a range of sizes in our RCBC and UNI-CULVERT moulds, providing fully certified structures for DSG (State Government), municipal, forestry and various private industry projects.

Utilising the skills of more than 40 years of experience and our highly skilled workforce, HCP can work with you to provide solutions which maximize speed and ease of installation, reduce costs, and ensure your projects are delivered in the most efficient and effective way possible.