Project Description



Principal: TasWater


Hudson Civil Products (HCP) were engaged by Shaw Contracting as the supplier of choice to provide all civil products on the Huonville Sewerage Upgrade Project undertaken by TasWater, one of the largest sewage pumping station projects in recent years undertaken by TasWater.

The project consisted of an upgrade to the Huonville main town pumping station works, with a new site chosen nearby to the existing where a duplicate modern and compliant pumping station could be constructed that met acceptable modern technology standards, reduced odours and blockages, and provided additional emergency and wet weather storage to aid in avoiding overflows to the nearby sensitive Huon River, a popular recreational waterway adjacent to downtown Huonville.

As part of the upgrade works, a new 2km long trunk sewer rising main was also required to be replaced and upsized, that delivers the Huon Valley network sewage to the treatment plant inlet works, from the new pump station.  Consideration was also provided to future development of some large areas of future residential land, a forward thinking proposal that future-proofed this important asset.

Hudson Civil products supplied all precast concrete elements, access covers and surrounds, pipe, fittings, valves, accessories, fabricated steel and stainless elements to ensure that the total project was a success and assisted the client through the procurement management and logistics phases of the product supply, to ensure


Hudson Civil Products was also involved in earlier phases with TasWater and the Designers, IPD Consulting, to provide design detail and optionioneering for the complex precast pump station, valve pits and overflow storage elements involved on the project, to ensure ease of construction, cost savings and efficiencies, and also fully certified the designed detail for structural capacity.

The pumping station was constructed at significant depth, not far from the Huon River and below water level.  The use of precast components, specifically the 4m ID shafts of HCP, were integral in the speed of construction and provided an ability to pre-fit many of the key items and internal works which were required to minimize time on site, and reduce the need for working at heights and in confined spaces for the field operators.  Precast enhances safety, efficiency, and environmental benefits for the site generally.


After many years of odour complaints, ongoing maintenance and repair works on the site, and likely overflows of the site during wet weather and breakdown events, the new pumping station and rising main now provides an outstanding asset in service, easily and safely maintainable with capacity to accept further growth in the Huonville township.

Its crowning feature is the fact that almost no one except our TasWater operators would know the pumping station is there, quietly going on about its job delivering this vital service without fanfare to the residents of Huonville, and will continue to do so for many years into the future.